Meet The Staff

Mrs. Michael



Miss Vecchione
Mrs. Jaskulski

Office Administrator

First Grade

Mrs. Wood
Miss Harwick


Second Grade

Mrs. Smee
Mrs. Peterman

Third Grade

Ms. Visco

4th/5th Math & SS

Miss Hill

4th/5th ELA & Science

Mrs. Zimmerman

MS Math & Religion

Ms. Yurek

MS ELA & 7th/8th SS

Ms. deBruyn

MS Science, 6th SS, & 

PreK - 8 Technology

Ms. Perteete

PreK - 8 Music &

4-8 Spanish

PreK - 8 Gym

Ms. Dowe

PreK - 8 Art

Ms. Patty

Classroom Aide & Librarian

Transition Coordinator

Ms. Kenney
Mr. Seeger

Head of Maintenance

Mrs. Carney

AIU Speech Therapist

Ms. Etzel

AIU Reading

Ms. Byron

AIU Counselor

Ms. Lisa

Cafeteria Manager

Ms. Connie


Ms. Spanbauer

Preschool Aide

Mr. Hawkes

Extended Day

Extended Day

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