Academic Grading Scale

A  93 - 100%

B  85 - 92%

C  75 - 84%

D  70 - 74%

E  69% and lower


Catholic Religion classes contain a balance of doctrinal content, scriptural understanding, faith formation, and worship experience.  There is no obligation on the part of the students to be baptized Catholic; however, participation in religion classes and worship experiences during school hours is required.

Language Arts curriculum presents numerous opportunities for the integration of faith, culture, and life skills by developing an awareness of Christ-centered values.  Language instruction allows one to become more perceptive through listening, observing, speaking, and feeling.  Language, as a skill, provides one with the important tools to speak fluently, to read and comprehend, to compose, to write legibly, and to spell correctly.

English Language Arts

It is our mission to enable all students to learn the skills, acquire the knowledge, and develop the attitudes in mathematics necessary for them to become morally and socially responsible citizens.  The challenge is not only to meet and to exceed grade-level expectations, but to excite students to explore the topics on their own, to develop proof for answers, and to learn from one another.

Social Studies

The scope of the social studies curriculum includes elements of anthropology, geography, history, apolitical science, and sociology, with an emphasis


The primary goals of teaching science in the Catholic schools in the Diocese of Pittsburgh are to develop a respect for the sacredness of all life, the pursuit of peace and order in the world, and an awareness of the responsibility to be co-creators of life-giving designs and protectors of the environment.  The science curriculum focuses on an inquiry-based process and fosters collaborative learning.  Science education strengthens life skills such as creative problem solving, critical thinking, team cooperation, use of technology, and the value of life-long learning.

The health course is designed to provide information at each level of development to help students make wise, moral decisions with respect for the God given Gift of Life.  The health curriculum places a holistic emphasis on wellness, fitness, behaviors, and skills for healthy, active living.

World Language

The Church is universal and embraces all people, regardless of race, nationality, and financial status.  World language students learn the sound and syntax of language and work toward proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Creative Arts/Movement

Students have an opportunity to deepen their awareness of God's gift of creating and respond creatively to the beauty and goodness of the world through music, art, and movement.  Instruction of the Arts contributes to the development of the whole person, promotes individual expression, allows experimentation with diverse materials and elements, enables exploration and appreciation of the works of other students and major artists and performers within the community.  A vital component of the curriculum is physical movement, which assists students in identifying their physical strengths and weaknesses and encourages them to build on those to achieve personal goals.


Creating a 21st Century learning environment by integrating technology with all disciplines allows students to experience different ways of learning and to enhance their overall learning and to enhance their overall learning experience.

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